End of Season Event 2021

Name Club Sail Number Fleet Category
Aoife Murphy WHBTC 194646 4.7 Other
Eimer McMorrow Moriarty TBSC 195271 4.7 Youth
Neil OLeary RCYC & LDYC 195098 4.7 Youth
Isabel Mc Carthy Royal Cork Yacht Club 211463 4.7 Youth
Ella Dempsey NYC 213541 4.7 Youth
Max Tolan RCYC 209847 4.7 Youth
Zoe Whitford East Antrim Boat Club 160598 4.7 Youth
Andrew Kingston RCYC 172360 4.7 Youth
Jack Moriarty RCYC 185043 4.7 Youth
Rian Collins RCYC 200920 4.7 Youth
Daniel Palmer Ballyholme Yacht Club 219096 4.7 Youth
Cillian Conner Bantry 174785 4.7 Youth
Krzysztof Ciborowski RSGYC 216612 4.7 Youth
Ava Ennis RSGYC 218960 4.7 Youth
Lucy Ives Carlingford Sailing Club 210100 4.7 Youth
Megan O Sullivan Royal Cork Yacht Club 197921 4.7 Youth
Robert Jeffreys RCYC 216200 Radial Master
Sean flanagan Royal st George YC 198562 Radial Master
Shirley Gilmore Royal St George YC 216238 Radial Master
Ian Kelly WHSC 178710 Radial Master
Philip Doherty Monkstown Bay SC 170227 Radial Master
Brendan Hughes RSGYC 215356 Radial Master
Hugh Delap Royal St George 183295 Radial Master
Tiarnan Brown GHYC 173130 Radial Other
Hugh Turvey Howth Yacht Club 198783 Radial Other
Dorothy Matthews Kinsale Yacht Club 215234 Radial Other
Lucas Nixon Ballyholme Yacht Club 162608 Radial Other
Michael crosbie Rcyc 216390 Radial Youth
Emer Heery Kinsale Yacht Club 216618 Radial Youth
Mark Henry RSGYC 218941 Radial Youth
Oisin Hughes RSGYC 216711 Radial Youth
sophie Kilmartin RSGYC/MYC 219125 Radial Youth
Darragh Collins RCYC 214228 Radial Youth
Becky Lowney RSGYC/WHBTC 216570 Radial Youth
Emma Lynch RSGYC/WHBTC 211130 Radial Youth
Cian McDonagh RCYC 210260 Radial Youth
Anna OConnor RIYC and RStGYC 213548 Radial Youth
Adam Walsh Lough Derg Yacht Club 213552 Radial Youth
Una Connell Skerries Sailing Club / HYC 196981 Radial Youth
Luke Turvey Howth Yacht Club 194650 Radial Youth
Stephen Cunnane TBSC 213789 Radial Youth
Tom Coulter East Antrim Boat Club 213562 Radial Youth
Fiachra McDonnell Royal St George Yacht Club 216535 Radial Youth
Daniel Mallon Royal Cork Yacht Club 216891 Radial Youth
Joe O Sullivan Royal Cork Yacht Club 215239 Radial Youth
Mauro G Regueral Noguerol Royal Cork Yatch Club 216072 Radial Youth
Brian Carroll RSGYC 218961 Radial Youth
Christian Ennis RSGYC 211119 Radial Youth
ARCHIE DALY RStGYC 211461 Radial Youth
Edward Rice Royal Cork YC 218165 Standard Master
Dan O Connell ISA 219127 Standard Master
Conor Roche RIYC, Dublin, Ireland 215236 Standard Master
Gavan Murphy RStGYC 212521 Standard Master
Kieran Dorgan Cove Sailing Club 215227 Standard Master
Fiachra Rowan WHSC 193264 Standard Master
Ronan Kenneally Monkstown Bay Sailing Club 192703 Standard Master
George KINGSTON RCYC 210150 Standard Master
Paddy Cunnane TBSC 211141 Standard Other
Micheal OSuilleabhain Kinsale YC 211114 Standard Other
Jonathan O Shaughnessy Royal Cork Yacht Club 211116 Standard Youth
Kei Walker Royal St. George Yacht Club 2106 Standard Youth